Our philosophy


We believe in a human vision of the Consulting profession and strive to offer services that allow the most talented engineers to flourish in an enriching and dynamic environment.

Our model is nourished by the collective and individual intelligence of our employees:

  • Their ability to discover a new sector of activity and to transpose their own expertise

  • Their ability to collaborate together to resolve customer issues

  • Their passion for their profession which drives them to learn every day and to train on the latest technological advances.

With this human capital, we fully fulfill our corporate mission: to accelerate industrial projects over the entire life cycle of a product.


Our values


For us, it is essential we continue to grow while respecting our fundamental values: Pleasure, Excellence, Collectiveness, Honesty. Our corporate culture stems from these values:

Collaborating with joy and positivity
Undertaking work with humility and passion
Keeping an open and curious mind
Always seeking excellence

92% of our employees are satisfied with their project
According to our monthly Happiness Indicators

This result translates into total success in supporting our clients. Beyond what makes us different, we invest a great deal in creating moments that are conducive to discussion and creating links between our teams throughout the year.

Our commitments

Commitment and performance charter

An optimum level of collective intelligence: Go Concept undertakes to train, support and enhance the value of our employees. We will continue to stimulate our employees’ knowledge, know-how and soft skills through relevant training, stimulating and generous management, and encouragement for engaging in new adventures.


The proximity with our Consultants and customers, which creates synergy.

Only a local establishment, close to our markets, can allow this proximity. We favor accountable, autonomous and flexible regional offices over a centralized organization. Today, we have several locations in France (Grand Ouest, Rhône-Alpes, Ile de France, Grand Est, PACA) and abroad: in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada.


Total project confidentiality and a single contact, responsive and available.

By choosing to take part in strategic themes for the industrial companies we support, we understand the importance of ensuring discretion in the mandates carried out by our consultants.


Human responsibility: our success will only be complete if it contributes to social improvements. For several years, we have been involved in offering our patronage to associations working for causes in which we believe.
Within the company, we are committed to informing and raising awareness among the staff of the risks related to health in the workplace.

Our Group

Our team

Go Concept is part of the Kepax group. The group is now made up of five industrial consulting companies:

Go Concept technological innovation consulting firm

Albert&Co procurement consulting firm

DeepTalents industrial training firm

Audacès consulting firm for Executive Search

D4Care life science consulting firm

The group continues to grow by acquiring companies that share the same values ​​of excellence, agility and responsibility. The objective is to acquire companies specializing in their field, not competing with the group’s companies, and synergistic with them. These companies will be able to rely on the group’s proven methodology, its financial strength and executive mentoring to accelerate their growth.

The Executive team is a shareholder in order to control the development of the group and take full responsibility for each decision.

« We remain attentive to the requirements of our employees. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we lead our teams with kindness, positivism and availability in order to perfectly meet the needs of our clients and to grow serenely on an international scale. »

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Our job offers