Key figures

  • Fouding year in Switzerland 2009
  • Employees 300
  • Annual growth 40%
  • Growth Champions ranking in 2021 152
" Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve Jobs

Technology transfer for


Go Concept, specialized in technological innovation, supports high added value projects. Our international entities provide support to our customers in major industrial sectors, project management and IT.

Our added value is being able to help our partners innovate thanks to our Consultant’s know-how and our mastery of technology transfer: transposing the methods and expertise acquired in one sector of activity to a new sectoral environment and thereby creating innovation.

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Learning Institute for Excellence


Initially dedicated only internally, DeepTalents is today an industrial training consulting firm that also supports its own clients in the construction of tailor-made training programs, the optimization of their training policy and processes and the professionalization of their internal training solutions.

DeepTalents is also a “competence accelerator” at Go Concept. It combines several levels of intervention: job training, technical training, coaching and Q&A conferences.

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Our partners

  • client-11

    I had the opportunity, through our financial relations, to witness first-hand Go Concept’s team in action along with the development of its fantastic business that combines both seriousness and creativity.

    Didier Delanzy - Crédit Mutuel
  • client-22

    In all the projects I take part in, performance and quality are key. The smallest of mistakes can be fatal. Go Concept’s team distinguishes itself through its rigorous work and its exceptional proactivity.

    Éric Barone - Vététiste de l’extrême

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Our job offers