Our people deal

Our positioning :

An enriching environment in contact with teams passionate about what they do: collective intelligence is our DNA and will always be harnessed.

Projects with a strong strategic dimension which represent technological challenges.

Local management in each of our regions.


Your commitments :

Remarkable technical knowledge and an aspiration to expand your skill set.

Loyalty & a collective spirit: each employee is a team member of a shared adventure.

Exemplary soft-skills as a representative of the brand.


« We endeavour to offer very high technological level projects for people of exception »



Thanks to our local management, we are really attentive to your aspirations: monthly project reviews with your manager and several reviews are also carried out with human resources to collect your comments and your development needs.

We also offer you multiple perspectives of internal mobility, close to your personal aspirations:

Geographical Mobility: within our establishments in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

Job mobility: you have the possibility of changing jobs! For example, moving from the role of consultant to that of Manager, Senior Manager, Activity Manager, Regional Director…

Sector Mobility: by transferring your business skills acquired in a given sector of activity to another sector, in order to generate innovation. This is what we call technology transfer!


Collective Intelligence


Knowledge Management

This internal hotline, available 5 days a week, delivers the solution to the problems encountered in your mandates within 24/48 hours. This dedicated office studies the requests and finds the right person to answer the question from among 300 connected minds in the company.


Consultants benefit from regular internal training through DeepTalents, an industrial training firm. The training modules are designed by Go Concept engineers for Go Concept engineers, allowing them to develop skills on very specific technical themes. The educational approach is based on many concrete cases to allow immediate practice in business!


We support you in your passions

Do you have a solidarity race to finance? Are you involved in an association and need help setting up your projects? The group works alongside you to support your initiatives.


We reward you!

Every time you make a commitment to the company, that contributes to its influence and its development, you benefit from a program that rewards each of your actions and accumulate credits that can be used on our partner gift platform.


Become an ambassador

As a consultant, you have the opportunity to participate in the entrepreneurial spirit of the company! You can become a “school ambassador” to your former school, “business ambassador” to progress to a position of Business manager, “training ambassador” to become yourself a trainer, or “local ambassador” to create links between the consultants of ‘the same region.


Share and Play!

We multiply the moments of conviviality and exchanges, face-to-face when possible (afterworks, Christmas dinners, kart, bowling, etc.) but also through video exchanges: online board games, project pitches, etc.

Our recruitment process

When you join Go Concept, you join a team. That is why we introduce you to several employees during your recruitment process who will collectively validate the decision to hire you.
In this selective process, we will test your ability to act as an employee of the Group, we will assess your technical expertise.

Also, we will validate your development potential according to your personality. For us, it is important to be able to look forward together over the long term.

Curious by nature, your thirst for learning is never fulfilled? Challenge yourself and join us!


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27 Jan 2023
Ingénieur Consultant Amélioration C...
Ref: 1353
Lieu: Grenoble
QUI SEREZ-VOUS DEMAIN ? « Un grand pouvoir implique de grandes responsabilités » En Tant Que Go Consultant(e) Ingénieur Amélioration Continue, vous serez intégré(e) aux équipes de notre client....
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26 Jan 2023
Ingénieur Consultant(e) Mécanique M...
Ref: 1352
Lieu: Valence (26) - France
QUI SEREZ-VOUS DEMAIN ? « Un grand pouvoir implique de grandes responsabilités » : en tant que Go Consultant(e) Ingénieur Mécanique en Méthodes / Outillages et intégré(e) à la Direction Technique e...
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26 Jan 2023
Ingénieur Consultant(e) Qualité Pro...
Ref: 1351
Lieu: Valence (26) - France
QUI SEREZ-VOUS DEMAIN ? En tant que Go Consultant(e) Ingénieur Qualité et intégré aux équipes projet de développement produit, vous serez le garant du respect des exigences qualité des projets en c...
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26 Jan 2023
Product V&V Engineer
Ref: 1350
Lieu: Montréal - Canada
We are looking for our next Product Verification and Validation Champion for one of our clients who aspires to push the boundaries of digital dentistry. Imagine a future where technology makes dentist...
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26 Jan 2023
Ingénieur Vérification et Validatio...
Ref: 1349
Lieu: Montréal - Canada
Nous sommes à la recherche de notre prochain champion de la vérification et validation de produit pour l'un de nos clients qui aspire à repousser les limites de la dentisterie numérique. Imaginez un f...
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26 Jan 2023
Product Cybersecurity Engineer
Ref: 1348
Lieu: Montréal - Canada
We are looking for a Product Cybersecurity Engineer to join a dynamic electric vehicle team for one of our client. The assignment will last 12 months and will start as soon as possible. If you are loo...
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26 Jan 2023
Ingénieur(e) Cybersécurité Produit
Ref: 1347
Lieu: Montréal - Canada
Nous recherchons un Ingénieur Cybersécurité du produit pour rejoindre notre équipe dynamique de véhicules électriques pour le compte de l'un de nos clients. La mission durera 12 mois et débutera dès q...
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26 Jan 2023
Ingénieur Consultant(e) Procédés -...
Ref: 1346
Lieu: Grenoble - France
En tant que Go Consultant(e) Procédés vous interviendrez opérationnellement sur la maintenance des installations électromécaniques. A ce titre, vous aurez en charge : · Assurer le respect des exige...
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