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Go Concept is a consultancy specialising in innovation thanks to technology transfer between two non-competing sectors. Our entities in different countries allow us to provide support to our partners in specialist fields such as mechatronics, electronics, biomedical engineering, project management and IT.

By becoming a partner, you benefit from bespoke support whereby our managers, HR partners and consultants work together to best respond to your needs.

Since 2018, the Albert&Co consultancy, a procurement specialist, has joined the Go Concept Group. To learn more about our activities dedicated to purchasing functions, visit the website: Albert&Co

  • 01 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Healthcare
    In Switzerland, our Consultant engineer is working on the electronic part of a bioreactor used for cell culture to treat cancer patients.
  • 02 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Bank
    Our consultant is working for a large Swiss banking group as an IT Production Engineer. He is responsible for application integration projects as well as for activities maintaining equipment in operational condition.
  • 03 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Digital dentistry
    Our Consultant engineer is part of the Product Hardware team as a System Specialist for one of the main suppliers of digital dentistry technologies. He is responsible for establishing acceptance criteria and simulating the use of the sys-tems to ensure optimal performance of the products.
  • 04 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Sport
    As part of the launch of new products, our employee is working on the development of new tennis rackets for the heads of series of the ATP World Tour. He is responsible for managing, coordinating and validating the creation of the product with respect to all the teams. He also carries out research studies on the use of new materials and processes for their products.
  • 05 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Aeronautics
    Our Consultants are working for a pioneering company in the defence electronic systems field for the aeronautics, mili-tary and space industries. They are supporting it in the industrialisation phases as Test Managers.
  • 06 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Automotive industry
    Our employee contributes to developing new semi-conductor products, laser chips and photo-detectors used in LiDAR technology (remote sensing by laser), the basis of the self-driving cars of tomorrow. He is responsible for the aspects related to the opto-electronic testing of these products.
  • 07 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Automotive industry
    Our employee is working as a On-Board Software Engineer on the development of smart current sensors used to moni-tor the parameters of the vehicle battery.

Go Academy

Our training center

Go Academy is our in-house training organization for the Go Concept Group.

Our active and participatory learning method combines theoretical training, sharing of experience and simulations. It is based on 3 key concepts which confer on its programmes their innovative character: flipped teaching, learning by doing, peer-pedagogy.

It develops three types of programmes:

5 “Manager” training programmes​ to enhance talent and develop potential

50+ “Innovation and Technologies” ​technical training courses dedicated to the Group’s Consultants in order to share specialist field expertise

10+ “Purchasing Expertise” training courses

Go Conception

Design office

Go Conception is the design office of the Go Concept Group. Highly responsive, it is able to harness the Group’s resources to design industrial assemblies and sub-assemblies for our customers.

The proximity between our consultancy activities and our design office gives us added value in meeting our customers’ challenges.

Through the design office, our teams can be mobilized at our customers’ request.

Go Acceleration

Start-up incubator

Go Acceleration is the start-up incubator offered by the Go Concept Group. It allows entrepreneurs selected by Go Concept’s Executive Committee to join the training programme and the personalized support normally reserved to the Group’s senior managers.  The incubator is present on all the sites of the Go Concept Group.

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Our job offers