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Go Concept is a multi-expert consulting firm, providing its clients with the skills to bring their projects to the next level and support them throughout the entire life cycle of a product or service. To do this, the group relies on the expertise of its three specialized and complementary business units: Innovation and R&D, Industrial Performance, and Digitalization & Data Science.

Together, these three business units provide a strategic and global vision of our clients’ projects and deliver high quality solutions.

We operate in the following industries: Energy, Defense, Space, Watchmaking, Luxury, Robotics, Naval, Aeronautics, Automotive…

Discover more about our three business expertise below.

  • 01 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Healthcare
    In Switzerland, our Consultant engineer is working on the electronic part of a bioreactor used for cell culture to treat cancer patients.
  • 02 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Bank
    Our consultant is working for a large Swiss banking group as an IT Production Engineer. He is responsible for application integration projects as well as for activities maintaining equipment in operational condition.
  • 03 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Digital dentistry
    Our Consultant engineer is part of the Product Hardware team as a System Specialist for one of the main suppliers of digital dentistry technologies. He is responsible for establishing acceptance criteria and simulating the use of the sys-tems to ensure optimal performance of the products.
  • 04 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Sport
    As part of the launch of new products, our employee is working on the development of new tennis rackets for the heads of series of the ATP World Tour. He is responsible for managing, coordinating and validating the creation of the product with respect to all the teams. He also carries out research studies on the use of new materials and processes for their products.
  • 05 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Aeronautics
    Our Consultants are working for a pioneering company in the defence electronic systems field for the aeronautics, mili-tary and space industries. They are supporting it in the industrialisation phases as Test Managers.
  • 06 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Automotive industry
    Our employee contributes to developing new semi-conductor products, laser chips and photo-detectors used in LiDAR technology (remote sensing by laser), the basis of the self-driving cars of tomorrow. He is responsible for the aspects related to the opto-electronic testing of these products.
  • 07 07
    Some examples of our areas of activity Automotive industry
    Our employee is working as a On-Board Software Engineer on the development of smart current sensors used to moni-tor the parameters of the vehicle battery.

Innovation - Research and Development Unit

Innovation and Product development
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The Innovation and R&D department enables us to support our customers in their innovation process and to give them a head start on specific issues. This support can involve both methodology and technical expertise.

To meet our clients’ needs, we are qualified in each step of the industrial development cycle, as well as in project management. CIR and CCI approved, this support is carried out in collaboration with each client.

Industrial Performance Unit

Optimizing industrial projects

The Industrial Performance department combines all the business expertise and cross-functional skills needed to optimize the performance of industrial products and services. This know-how is used to meet cost, quality and deadline targets. We support our customers throughout the entire value chain, from the raw material to the end customer.

The business areas involved are: industrial methods and processes, production, supplier management, supply chain, as well as cross-functional areas involving continuous improvement, quality (product, process, supplier) and maintenance (after-sales service/operations).

Digitalization and Data Science Unit

Identify, organize and leverage your data

Today, identifying, organizing and leveraging your data is paramount.

Our objective is to bridge the gap between your industrial challenges and your digitalization strategy to help you achieve a competitive edge in your data science projects.

We operate across the entire data value chain, from the definition of the strategy to the roll-out with your teams, in particular with Project Managers, Systems Architects, Data Scientists and Data Analysts.

We work on the improvement of your tools, your processes and your management by relying on 3 key aspects:

  • A strong technical expertise
  • An industrially-oriented vision of the use of DATA
  • A constant search for ROI throughout our work

During the assessment phase, we identify your needs and quantify the benefits of leveraging your data. Then, we can understand all your constraints (cyber, safety, infrastructure, network, hardware) and support you on the entire structuring, securing, and valuation process of your data to achieve the expected results and outline your performance drivers.

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